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GT-TECH Laser Systems Laserharfe Controller Set (laser-harp) LH1 MK2 WHITE
Art no.: lhgm2

Laser harp complete set for use with an RGB show laser. Single colors and rainbow effect possible.
The following is explained in great detail on the basis of several videos.

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Delivery time: 1 - 2 Days
Weight: 2 kg
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A laser harp is an electronic musical instrument that consists of several laser beams that have to be interrupted (analogous to plucking harp strings) in order to generate tones or sound sequences. The instrument became known through concerts by Jean Michel Jarre.

The LH1 MK2 White is a special version of our laser harp. Instead of “rainbow mode” with a color scale, white rays are projected. This is of great use because if you use an RGB projector (we recommend KVANT lasers) you can adjust the color of all beams to your liking!

Produk Overview Video:

The laser harp generally uses a single show laser, the beam of which is divided into a parallel or fan-shaped arrangement of beams. It creates a unique, virtual light harp of impressive size that uses multi-colored laser beams instead of strings. Just like a real instrument, it makes noise when you play it by blocking laser beams. When the sensor detects a blocked laser beam, it sends a signal to the laser harp controller, which in turn sends a MIDI signal to the synthesizer, sampler or PC sound card, and these are responsible for reproducing the desired sound using the information received. With the laser harp controller, fascinating and breathtaking live shows can be staged.

Laser harp in action:

The great advantages of our Laser Harp Controller (LH1 Controller) are its adaptability and versatility. It can be programmed to trigger any type of audio or video event, any visual image, any sound or music, any special effect, or even any pyrotechnics. In combination with Pangolin Beyond, Live PRO, or Pangolin Quickshow, the Laser Harp Controller can be used to play selected laser show cues and effects by blocking laser beams like a real laser jockey! It can trigger synthesizers, PC samplers, DJ software, or any other type of MIDI controlled device.

Installation and Setup:

The laser harp can do a lot more. In connection with one or more show lasers, a laser show software and appropriate midi devices, the possibilities are almost limitless. Just an example of this in the video below.

Our laser harp "used differently". (Music: a matter of taste!)

The next 2 pictures show the exit of the laser beams via a mirror.



Although green is still the most visible color, "RGB show lasers" are now used, as these hardly cost more than green show lasers. We recommend using a show laser with at least 3W output power. We and our customers have had the best experiences with this so far. We would be happy to provide you with a complete offer if you do not have a show laser yet. It is also possible to test the laser before buying it!


Get advice "in any case", especially to ensure safe use of the show laser.

The laser harp has been available in 2 different versions since May 2020. Once the laser harp offered in this article, with mixed colors and white light output. In a further offer the version with single colors and rainbow effect output.

Technical data:

  • Sensor signal connection: 8P8C connection for CAT5 UTP cable
  • Laser projector connection: DB-25 ILDA
  • MIDI signal connection: 5-pin DIN
  • Foot switch connection: Stereo TRF 6.35mm
  • Power supply: AC Input: 110-240V AC 50 / 60Hz | DC output: 12V, min. 1200mA
  • Weight: controller box: approx. 760g | Sensor box: approx. 670g
  • Dimensions: controller box: 200/123 / 46mm (L / W / H) | Sensor box: 128/94 / 101mm (L / W / H)

Delivery Content:

  • Laser Harp Controller LH1 MK2 White
  • Laser Harp Sensor Box
  • Manual, Help Videos

summarized videos

Installation and Setup:

Product Overview:

Laser harp in action:

Our laser harp "used differently". (Music: a matter of taste!)

Showlaser recommendation:

Which laser with which power is best depends, as always, on the individual use of the laser harp. Whether the ceiling height is 3m or 10m, or how bright the ambient light is, of course makes a difference.

The show laser we use ourselves most often and also sell with the laser harp is the 4W Club-4000F RGB show laser. This laser was also used for the video: "Construction, installation and setup".

In the following picture you can see an output of the laser "without laser harp". The picture clearly shows that this laser will do the job very well. To get to the product, just click on the picture.

4W Club-4000F RGB Showlaser

Mirror recommendation: Hier entlang!

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