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News in Showlasershop.eu

02.05.2021 - Neues Pangolin Laser Lizensierungssystem

From now on all Pangolin Beyond licenses can not only be bought but also rented! Furthermore, from now on the licenses can be registered not only to the hardware ( as before ), but additionally to a laptop/PC - if you have internet access. A good thing, because now you can rent the Beyond version you want for a much smaller price per month. Either because you no longer need it anyway, or simply to test before you buy.

16.04.2021 - Webshop komplett überarbeitet

As you can see, we have completely revised our webshop.

One of the main changes is that you can now "also" find the articles that you previously found via the respective manufacturing companies via article categories.

In addition, we have added a lot of customer info, where we often address and explain laser industry topics.

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